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This is my 30th Book For Harlequin!

The Fortunes of Texas: The Rulebreakers - Book 5

Maddie Fortunado, heir apparent to her father’s real estate business, is stunned to learn that she’ll have to fight for the job she’d assumed was hers! Even worse? Her rival is none other than Zach McCarter, her secret crush. Only a makeover can transform “Maddie” into “Madeleine,” who can compete against her charismatic coworker. But when Zach meets Maddie 2.0, business is suddenly the last thing on either of their minds!

It’s been said that beauty is in the beholder. Yet, so often, society sets unattainable ideals and judges a person’s worth based on personal appearance. In Maddie Fortune’s Perfect Man, the heroine, Maddie Fortune, always thought hard work and dedication would help her get ahead, but she’s tested when the one thing she worked for her entire adult life ends up not being the sure thing she thought it would be. She ends up having to dig a little deeper. In the process, she learns about herself and hero, Zach McCarter as he helps her realize no one can make her feel bad about herself unless she lets them. And spunky Maddie decides she won’t let them. 

There's something else special about MADDIE FORTUNE'S PERFECT MAN.... It's my 30th book for Harlequin!  The paperback is available April 17, but you can PRE-ORDER it now!

Come back to the Get Lost In A Story blog tomorrow to learn more about the 30 Days of Giveaways I'm hosting to celebrate this milestone. It may be my book birthday, but you get the presents! See you tomorrow! 

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Through My Lens

BECAUSE IT'S SPRING are some of my favorite 2017 bluebonnet pictures.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

E.E. Burke's Best of the West: Meet the Brides of Noelle

Celebrate love in all seasons! The new BRIDES OF NOELLE series features holiday-themed historical romances from the same bestselling authors who brought you the Twelve Days of Christmas Mail-Order Brides. Indulge in sweet romances set in the fictional town of Noelle, Colorado, follow many of the characters you met and fell in love with in the Christmas series, along with some new arrivals.Take a sneak peek at who's coming to town for EASTER...

Daphne, An Easter Bride
By Kit Morgan

Desperation: A state of despair, typically one that results in rash or extreme behavior...

Daphne Dolittle was prone to both.
Walker Brooks wasn’t looking for love, he was looking for a way out of Noelle! His friend was sick and he didn’t have the money anyway. But if he didn’t leave soon, he could be in a heap of trouble. He had a reputation (or rather his father had) that caused him nothing but trouble. So when a woman approaches Walker with a way to make some money, he’d be a fool to turn it down. Unfortunately, if he takes it, he’d put her in danger. What’s a desperate man to do?

Here's an excerpt

  Mayor Hardt watched her a moment. “Did you come alone, Miss Dolittle?”
  “Yes. I did. I heard about your mine and the investment opportunity and thought it best if I came at once to take advantage of it. I … well, I wasn’t sure if the opportunity was still available.”
  He slowly nodded. “It is, but as I said, we have some guidelines.” He gave her a compassionate look. “And unfortunately, I can think of one already that would disqualify you.”
  She straightened in her chair. “It’s because I’m a woman, isn’t it?”
  Mr. Hardt smiled and shook his head. “No, it’s because you’re a single woman. But that’s easily fixed.”
  “I’m glad to hear it. What’s the base amount?”
  “Now hold on, I didn’t say you qualified. I said the opposite. You’re disqualified.”
  She looked into his blue eyes. He, too, was a handsome man with a certain … steeliness to him. Decisive. Yes, that’s what he seemed. Which was bad news for her. “Disqualified?”
  “Yes. You see, Miss Dolittle, one of the major requirements for anyone wanting to invest in the mine is that they are married.”
  “Married!” she blurted.
  “And citizens in good standing,” he went on.
  “Good standing?” she squeaked.
  “That means respectable.” He looked her over. “You’re traveling alone?”
  “I … yes, well … yes.”
  He slowly nodded. The look on his face reminded Daphne of her old schoolmaster from childhood. Mr. Griffith, who could quell the best of them into submission. “I see,” he drawled.
  Think fast, Daphne thought. “I wish to travel, you know? I have money but need another source of income. As my investment grows, I can reinvest into the mine …”
  He nodded. “A sound plan, but I’m afraid you still don’t qualify.”
  She did her best to remain calm. She had everything in place to begin her dream. Everything! And now this fellow was blowing it all to smithereens. “So, let me get this straight. In order to invest my good money into the silver mine, I have to be a respectable, good citizen of Noelle, and married,” she said, her jaw tight. “Is that correct?”
  “That is correct, yes,” he said.
  “Wonderful,” she said with a sigh.
  “You have at least one qualifying factor.”
  She looked at him, realized she was frowning and tried for a smile. “What?”
  “You have money. 

Just released for St. Patrick's Day...

Norah, A St. Patrick's Day Bride
By Amanda McIntyre

Not proud of his seedy entanglements back East, Irish Immigrant Seamus (pronounced Shamus) Malone is determined to create a new and better life in the western frontier, but despite attempts to reach the woman that captured his heart, his letters for the last four years have gone unanswered. Will a plea for help from Noelle’s new matchmaker convince his estranged wife to join him in this new world, proving his love, and that he is a changed man?

Passion (and a controlling aunt) drove Norah into marriage, but when she finds her new husband dabbling in drink and dangerous liaisons, she bid him farewell, relenting to his pipe dreams of a better life, while she remained behind living in the shame of a broken marriage. But when a dark truth is discovered she must now decide if the love she once felt is enough to survive a second chance in the New West?

Here's an excerpt: 

That awkward moment when your estranged wife shows up unexpectedly...

    “I should be livid with you, Seamus Malone. Why, what you propose is nothing but plain horse-thievin’. You never charged Madam Bonheur such prices.”
    “Madam Bonhuer never got any of my whisky,” Seamus said with his most charming smile.
    “Well, then,” Felice said stepping around the bar and pressing herself against him. “If I say yes, maybe together we might find a way to seal our little partnership. Maybe have a little fun?” She giggled as she slinked her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his cheek.
    Seamus placed his hands on her shoulders, intent on pushing her away. He froze when he heard the sound of a man clearing his throat.
    “I’m sorry. Is this the Golden Nugget? The stagecoach experienced a bit of trouble and needed repair, which is why we’re late. It was suggested that here is where our traveling companion might find a Mr. Seamus Malone?”
    Seamus heard nothing of what the man said, his words like the drone of a beehive in the back of his brain. He stared at the trio standing in the middle of the saloon, unable to trust his eyes. “Norah? What in bloody blazes are you doing here?”

Haven't started the series yet? Check out these first two books in the Brides of Noelle series:

Jolie, A Valentine's Day Bride
By E.E. Burke
Jolie LaFemme has been a working girl at La Maison for four long years...ever since being betrayed and left penniless, grieving and adrift. She’s jaded, distrustful and blind to the possibility of love. As far as she's concerned, being the madam of a popular sporting house is the best she can hope for, and nothing will convince her to give up the coveted and lucrative position. 
Hank Donavan arrives in Noelle with a plan to ensure his sister's financial security, and regain his pride. He’s a man in his prime, handsome by any measure, but an accident ruined his vision...and his future. Now, he travels with his dog, Bear, and sells beautiful handmade Valentine’s cards. His big opportunity comes when he gets a chance to invest in the town’s richest silver mine. There’s only one catch: he has to be married first. 
Who would marry a blind man with little to recommend him when there are plenty of hale and hearty men to go around?

Ophelia, A Valentine's Day Bride
By Kit Morgan
Purchase Ophelia

Clint Jones came to Noelle for one purpose and one purpose only. Get in, assess the town, and get out. Then he'd report to his superiors at Wells Fargo and Company to let them know if Noelle was respectable and prosperous enough to open a branch there. But what Clint found was anything but respectable! Toss in a violet-eyed beauty that takes his breath away, a mayor and a preacher he thinks are consorting with the worst sorts of evil, and the fun begins. 

Enjoy this hilarious romp as only Kit Morgan can deliver. Sweet, clean and wholesome romance at its very best!

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In which season would you like to be a bride, and why?

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