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Get lost in Wolf Lords of London book # 2: Wolf on Fire

Jillian Stone

Elle Hathaway is starting to accept her new, wilder wolf side. She’s even adjusting to life with her new wolf mate. But now that they’re talking about marriage, she’s not so sure. Granted, she’s wildly attracted to Detective Inspector Abelseth Durant—the man with the impossible name who’s also impossible to resist—but marriage? Elle senses he cares for her, but is he willing to marry her out of obligation, or love?

Back in London, Elle moves in with her new flatmate and attends Coxley Grey Wolf Academy. She also returns to work at Chelsea Physic Garden and is presented with a somewhat dubious opportunity. There’s been a last minute wedding cancellation—if she and Abelseth want it, it’s theirs. It’s a very odd feeling when the universe decides to play cupid.

Meanwhile, DI Abelseth Durant has his hands full protecting his new mate. He's still got a tube mauling to investigate, and he’s being shadowed by a government agent. For years, the Wolf Lords of London have exercised great power above and below ground, but Abelseth senses a seismic shift on the rise, one that could pose a threat to their very existence.

In Wolf on Fire, closely held secrets of London's wolf culture are revealed as well as the heart-wrenching backstory on the handsome wolf prince who offers Elle everything but his heart.

"Fast-paced and highly original new shapeshifter series."
—NetGalley Review

Hi Get Lost in a Story readers!

I'm very excited to post a sneak peek at book #2 of the new Wolf Lords of London series. You're going to get emersed in the London's wolf culture, meet a few new characters, and get taken on more than a couple of wild rides. Here's an excerpt to give you a tantilizing taste of Wolf on Fire which releases March 10, 2018.

   They hadn’t quite made it out of the Wyvern College car park when she remembered. “We can’t practice on Saturday afternoon,” she declared, “we have a conflict.”
   Abelseth steered the car onto the exit ramp. “What kind of conflict?”
   “Viggo and I can always train with you another day.” 
   “What’s wrong with Saturday?” 
   “We’re getting married—” She swallowed. “You and I. Or is it you and me? I can never remember.” 
   He braked harder than necessary at the stop sign. “Yes, I’ve always believed that if we married, it would be you and me.” His mouth twitched, and his brows knit together. “You’ve had an abrupt
change of mind. This morning you were rather frosty on the subject.”
   Elle sighed. “Well, nothing is certain yet, but it looks like there’s going to be a last minute wedding cancellation at the Chelsea Physic Garden.” 
   Abelseth turned right onto Finchley and left onto Prince Albert Road.
   “Why are you taking us around Regent’s Park?” 
   “Because I am. What shall it be? Pub food, Chinese? Curry or Tandoori Chicken—do you like Indian?”
   Questions like these were a stark reminder that they barely knew one another. “I haven’t had Thai in ages—Tom Ka Gai soup, and the dish with the big thick noodles…” She got out her phone to look up the dish.
   “Have you been to the Drunken Noodle?” he asked.
   “No, but I hear the food is…” She scrolled through the restaurant’s reviews. “‘Spicy and ambrosial.’ It says so right here on Yelp.”
   He stopped at the traffic light and took a moment to study her. Long lashes shaded crystalline blue eyes, that gleamed in the dark. His gaze lowered to her mouth. “Thai food it is.” He leaned close. “With a bit of Elle for starters.”
   His lips were soft and sensuous and she felt his kiss everywhere. He cradled her head in his palm and began a slow, possessive assault that included sensuous nips and a lovely chase after her tongue.    A shower of tingles rippled up and down her spine. 
   It took the rude honk of a car horn to break the spell. 
   “Bastards,” she whispered against his lips.
   “Just when we were getting spicy and ambrosial.” He settled back into the drive. “Tell me more about this wedding cancellation.”

“Elle and Abelseth are a hot couple…witty dialogue with lots of sexual tension 
and bickering—heaven!” —Joy Reads Romance

   Elle thought about how the opportunity came about. “A cautionary tale of woe entitled the perils of weekend bachelorette parties. Apparently, the bridesmaids thought to do it up right and hired a suite full of male strippers.”
   “Harmless enough one would think.”
   “Until the groom led a surprise panty raid. Caught the bride sitting on top of Magic Mike.”
   “Pole dancing?” 
    Elle nearly convulsed with laughter. “We shouldn’t make fun—poor girl.” 
   “Poor girl? What about the poor sod?” 
   Elle tried to frown but couldn’t. “Without their misfortune, we’d be standing up at the Chelsea Registry with a couple of pals.”
   “And where will the ceremony be held?” he asked. 

 “The gallery inside the main building has been reserved for the ceremony—lovely old hall. And the main lawn for the reception party.”
   Elle blinked. “You can’t have a wedding without a reception, champagne, dinner, and cake—perhaps some dancing?” 
    “In less than a week’s time?” He stole a quick glance at her. 
    She wondered how long that majestic brow arch would stay elevated. “It’s too late for formal invites, but Violet and Tallis have phones, and we might compose a simple, tasteful email?”
   “By all means, let’s put our two busybody mothers to work.” Abelseth turned onto a narrow street somewhere in Soho. “Subject line: ‘No weekend plans? Pop by Chelsea Physic Garden for a wedding party.’”
   Elle rolled her eyes, but she also smiled. “Definitely has the right tone—and the good news is, there’s no time to argue over the wording.”
   Abelseth appeared thoughtful. “I assume the wedding in jeopardy is already planned within an inch of its—”
   Elle cut him off. “We just passed Drunken Noodle.” She pointed out the window. “Look—there’s a spot just ahead!” 
  “Hold on—” He slipped the Mini into a parking space not fifty feet from the restaurant. Abelseth killed the engine and set the brake. “Tell me, am I about to marry a backseat driver?” 
Elle met his gaze and nodded. “But only when starving for Thai food.”

Hope you enjoyed this pre-release excerpt for Wolf on Fire. And be sure to enter the 
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Nancy Holland New Release: THALGOR'S WITCH

Happy Thursday GLIAS friends! I have a treat for you today. Wonderful author (and my good friend and critique partner) Nancy Holland, a several-time GLIAS guest, has a super special release today and she’s agreed to come back again and share an excerpt with you. It’s not every day an author gets to publish the book of her heart-but when you read THALGOR’S WITCH (from Tule Press) you’ll see why this is one of those “heart books” that was chosen for publication!

Give a big GLIAS welcome back to Nancy Holland!


In a land of perpetual war and wandering, warrior Thalgor not only leads his people in battle, but keeps the hope alive that someday his displaced tribe can rebuild the kingdom that was lost to the treachery between witches and men. When he captures a beautiful witch, he knows he cannot trust her. But to succeed in his quest to find a new home and prevail over his enemies, he also knows he needs her. 

Erwyn might be a slave and feared for her powers and precognition, but she doesn’t cower when confronted by the feared warrior. Nor does she act as expected. Thalgor’s kindness confuses her. His flashes of humor confound her. And the reaction he ignites in her body creates a longing that she cannot deny.

Neither anticipated falling in love. The stakes are high, but when Thalgor is mortally wounded, Erwyn realizes she must she must accept help from an unlikely source to save him.

[Erwyn has let Thalgor think her younger sister is her daughter. He asks her why.]

“I thought motherhood might protect me.”
            She smelled the leather of his breastplate, the subtle aroma of maleness that surrounded him. She smelled and savored, and hated herself for that as well.
            “Protect you from what?”
            She pulled free and sat back on the rock. “From you.”
            He walked away and stood with his back to her.
            “You know I cannot take you by force.”
            “I did not want you even to think of me that way.”
            He gave a low laugh. “As if I would take captive a witch and her child if I did not think of her that way.”
            “But I have been useful to you.”
            “Very useful,” he acknowledged, turning back toward her. “But I am not certain it has been worth the trouble you cause.”
            “The trouble I cause?” She stood to face him. “I made an enemy of Batte, I know. But you can handle Batte. Otherwise I see no trouble I have caused you.”
            He took her by the shoulders.
The delicate trembling in her body began again. The moon behind him shadowed his face so she saw only the movement of his head as he lowered it toward hers.
            “No.” She pushed him away and fled back to the camp.

            Thalgor sat on the rock Erwyn had abandoned and laughed.
            Not caused him trouble! The witch had done nothing else since he first set eyes on her.
            She only troubled his body at first. So badly he could scarcely think of anything else, could scarcely sleep, could scarcely look at her without being awash in lust.
            The lust had finally overwhelmed all that was sacred to him, even the memory of his mother’s suffering. His need to take doubled by the battle lust that day, he’d carried her off to the woods with every intention of breaking the only vow he ever took.
            But she had been so vulnerable, so empty not only of her power, but almost of herself. Empty because she worked to save his wounded men, warriors who would not have been wounded if he’d listened to her warning.
            The need to take had died when she fell asleep in his arms. In its place had grown something he could not name at first, but now knew was tenderness. A strange and unexpected thing, that tenderness.
            Not that the lust went away. Once the witch was whole again, it returned double. And grew each day.
So he avoided her when he could and cursed his weakness for her when he couldn’t.
Tonight she had confided in him, allowed herself to weep, and he thought perhaps…
            She had never been with a man, he realized with a sudden certainty.
His body was swept with waves of lust, tenderness, and a need to protect that fragile body with its great powers.
            The Sea Witches gathered their strength from the sea and from their total devotion. She could not become one of them if she surrendered to her desire for him.
            He never doubted her desire. He had witch blood enough to see it in her eyes, smell it in the air around her, feel it in her touch. That would have to be enough. For now.
            Rygar waited when he reached the edge of the camp.
            “Trouble?” Thalgor’s hand went to his sword.
            The younger man shook his head. “Erwyn left the camp. You followed her. She returned alone. I came to make sure she didn’t turn you into a toad.”

THALGOR’S WITCH is available now! Here’s how to find it:

Check out Nancy’s fun and engaging contemporaries, too!


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Amanda's Birthday Bash!

Happy birthday to all of you born in the great month of February!!

Things you may not have known about February:
1) It's the shortest month of the year
2) Fewer babies are born during this month
3) February babies tend to be successful in the arts
4) February babies have sweet dispositions (Aww...)
5) The amethyst is our birthstone, a symbol of royalty, class, and courage.

I have a few friends helping me out with this years celebration!! And I want to give YOU all some gifts as part of MY birthday!!

To the first correct winner to leave a comment and guess my age!!


One lucky reader will receive a digital copy of the 28 titles on this poster!!
All donated by the amazing authors, one person will be announced on this blog and on our facebook group The Reader's Spot and go home with all of these titles!!!

My thanks to each of the authors who made this birthday special for me
for one VERY lucky reader!!


Click on each link for each author.

Most of all I hope you buy more of their books!!


One winner will be chosen at random to receive digital copies of each book posted!

Good luck and thanks for reading!!

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Jan Sikes   Jan's Author Website

Hildie McQueen  Hildie's Amazon Author Page

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Thank you to all the talented authors below for making this birthday giveaway so special!!

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E.E. Burke's Best of the West with Danica Favorite

Purchase on Amazon
Her Rancher Bodyguard

When Laura Booth’s dangerous ex-husband escapes from prison, she turns to the one man who can protect her: Owen Hamilton. Living with the widowed former lawman—who once helped put her ex in jail—and his adorable twin daughters on their Colorado ranch is a welcome respite. For the first time, Laura feels safe—but after her troubled past, she’ll never trust her heart again.

Owen would like to say only obligation draws him to Laura’s side. But in his gut, he knows his feelings for the gentle beauty run deeper than duty—and it stops him cold. After guarding their wary hearts for years, can Owen and Laura give love a second chance?

Meet Danica 

A self-professed crazy chicken lady, Danica Favorite loves the adventure of living a creative life. She and her family recently moved into their dream home in the mountains above Denver, Colorado.  Danica loves to explore the depths of human nature and follow people on the journey to happily ever after. Though the journey is often bumpy, those bumps are what refine imperfect characters as they live the life God created them for. Oops, that just spoiled the ending of all of Danica’s stories. Then again, getting there is all the fun.

You can connect with Danica at the following places:

E.E. If you couldn’t be a writer anymore, what profession would you take up?
Danica: I would probably go into counseling. I was accepted to grad school to be a counselor years ago, but as a newlywed, we just couldn’t make the finances work, and the school lost all of my financial paperwork! Every couple of years, I look at schools and paperwork, so you never know! I just might do it anyway!

E.E.: What do you do to unwind and relax?
I take a bath with a book, a cup of tea, a glass of wine, and a glass of water, and I don’t leave the tub until they’re all gone!

E.E.: Do you read reviews of your books? If so, do you pay any attention to them, or let them influence your writing?
I try not to. The good reviews are definitely flattering and make me feel good, but a lot of the bad reviews are pretty mean. I don’t have thick enough skin to not take it personally, and I don’t have time to handle it emotionally. As far as it letting them influence my writing, not really. Since I try not to read them, I’m not always aware of their comments. Even when a comment is brought to my attention, I haven’t found anything helpful enough that would make me change anything. Generally, what one reader loves, another hates, and vice versa. I can’t please everyone, so I write what makes me happy, and it will connect with the readers it connects with. There are a lot of other great books for those who want something different.

E.E.: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?
Danica: Just being published is a dream! But since then, we’ve moved into our dream house (still under construction), done more traveling, and had a lot of fun experiences. Being a writer has given me the courage to dream big, and to see where those dreams lead. The move to our dream house was a total act of faith where I told my husband, “look, we’ve been talking about this as long as we’ve known each other. We need to either start making plans to make it happen, or we need to stop talking about it.” In my grand speech, I was thinking it would be a 2-5 year plan. It ended up being a 2-5 month plan! But, as I mentioned, we’re still under construction, 2 ½ years later! However, being a writer has taught me about dreaming, making plans, taking risks, and being patient with the process, so even though I have a lot of moments of discouragement, I am constantly reminded to keep trusting in the process, and the time will come. One of the first things we bought for the house, two years ago, was my dream bathtub. I love a nice bath for relaxation! However, it didn’t get installed and working until this week! And I still have no drywall, flooring, or even decent lighting in there. For a while, I joked that my master bath had a toilet and hand sanitizer. Now, we have a toilet, hand sanitizer, and a tub, and my friend helpfully reminded me that now I can wash my hands in the tub!

This whole house process has been like a slow version of the writing process. You can see a lot of the results and dream about them well before they ever happen, and a lot of the time you spend as a writer is all in the waiting for the thing you’ve had in your head to finally reach a reader’s hands.

E.E.: Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?
Danica: Tea. Plain. And I have a rather extensive collection.

E.E.: What one thing about your hero drives his heroine crazy? And what one thing about your heroine drives her hero nuts?
Danica: Definitely my hero’s need for control. He gives a lot of orders, expecting her to follow them, and she doesn’t like that he doesn’t give her a lot of say in the matter. For the hero, it drives him crazy that the heroine doesn’t trust him to do his job and keep her safe. He doesn’t have precious time to waste to explain his every move to her and get her to understand.

Today, Danica is giving away a copy of her book, Honor Bound Lawman. Just leave a comment and enter the rafflecopter.

What is a dream you have, and how are you working to reach it?

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Bloodlines and Lies

Bloodline Series,  Book #5

Ad executive Riley Power’s fiancé, Levi Madison, and his Native American horse trainer, Calvin Coldwater, prepare Cheyenne Powers for triple-crown racing. An old flame returns to Sweetwater, and the stunning redheaded chef wants Riley’s man. Instead of focusing wedding plans, Riley’s concerned with her dad’s prognosis of Black Lung Disease.

Her house is broken into, and her next door neighbor is murdered. Police search for the drug ring involved. Riley and her friends, Lemon Sage Benton and FBI Special Agent Reggie Casse, follow another line of investigation. Danger follows them home.


Levi held hands with a stunning redhead sitting across from him at their window table. A charming smile graced his face engaging dimples making him appear a feisty youngster instead of a seasoned gentleman. The woman acted as though she was in his trance. Their eyes locked, and her brilliant smile was intent on him. One of them must’ve uttered something funny causing easy laughter.

Standing, Levi brought the gal to her feet and slipped an arm around her bare shoulders. Her shift was cut straight across from shoulder to shoulder, so his hand inevitably contacted skin intimately. She eased into his embrace like it was the greatest natural act in the world.

Riley’s stomach soured. She burped gas coughing, catching a breath. As they moved out of sight further inside Sadie’s restaurant toward her register paying the bill. Releasing a huge puff of loud air, her body heaved forward. Her head hit the wheel. Resting a second it dawned, they were soon exiting. She mustn’t be seen gaping at them in shock.

Gunning the engine, she shoved her vehicle into action whipping from the curb toward the expressway. Checking traffic, she sped along the main drag out of town. She should be far from this spot when they waltzed out.

Had Levi been deceiving her all this time? Or did he recently found a new love interest? Riley traveled a great deal and spent considerable time with her parents due to Earl’s condition. She’d considered herself secure, believing Levi was aligned on both accounts. He encouraged her staying as long as she needed. Did he eagerly rush her away, freely pursuing a flaming, red-haired siren?

Is he cheating?

Driving was difficult with tears swarming her eyes. It was as though a hefty saddle dropped onto her chest. A cinch was tightened so strongly she barely drew breath. Her head swam, and she grasped. Grabbing her steering wheel hoping for balance, even a long, deep cleansing breath did nothing to comfort.

LYNDA REES is a storyteller, an award-winning novelist, and a free-spirited dreamer with workaholic tendencies and a passion for writing romance. A diverse background, visits to exotic locations, and curiosity about how history effects today’s world fuels her writing. Born in the splendor of the Appalachian Mountains as a coal miner’s daughter and part Cherokee, she grew up in northern Kentucky when Newport prospered as a mecca for gambling and prostitution. 

Published in romantic suspense, historical romance, advertising copy, and freelance, Lynda is an active member of several professional writing organizations.

| Website   | Facebook  | Amazon  | BookBub
| Twitter @LyndaReesAuthor  | Google+ | Goodreads | Pinterest  

ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
LYNDA: Every day—either one I’m writing, editing or one someone else wrote that I’m reading. I love a great story, and when I’m lost in it I don’t hear what’s going on around me.

ANGI: What’s your favorite thing about your book’s hero?
LYNDA: Levi Madison is a powerful, wealthy guy but a down-to-earth fellow with insecurities, like anyone else. He loves getting his cowboy boots dirty scent of horseflesh, working hand in hand with his men. His woman is his first priority. He’s attentive and loving, but when she’s in danger he’s a fierce warrior protecting her.

ANGI: What’s your perfect day?
LYNDA: My husband makes coffee. We drink it out back in the shade. I go for a swim in the lake. Then the kids and grandkids come for lunch. We spend the afternoon chatting and playing with the kids. Cocktails before dinner with the neighbors at our favorite party spot on the farm then Mike grills something delicious for dinner and we eat out back watching the deer cross through the farm and our wacky donkey Marty play with my horse Buck.

ANGI: Would you put yourself in a Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
LYNDA: I love action and adventure, something that makes my heart race, engages my curiosity and warms my heart.

ANGI: Favorite TV rerun you watch every time you channel surf? 
LYNDA: I’m a big fan of MASH, Psych, Monk and Leverage.

ANGI: Favorite date night…fancy or at home? 
LYNDA: We love taking a cooler of beer or wine, a couple pistols or twenty-two rifles, a bag of peanuts and hotdogs, jumping in the Gator touring the farm and parking by the creek. We build a fire, roast hotdogs, snack and target shoot. Our favorite game is tossing walnuts in the creek and shooting them as they drift down stream. Then we relax by the bonfire watching the stars. Guess you can tell I’m a country girl.

ANGI: Champagne or Soda?
LYNDA: I don’t do soda—too much sugar. Definitely champagne.

ANGI: Geek or Jock?
LYNDA: I’m a bit of both. Always the geek, I’ve played sports, was a cheerleader, am nuts for water sports of all kinds, and love getting lost in the woods on horseback.

ANGI: The most daring thing you’ve ever done… Care to share?
LYNDA: Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona, AZ straight up boulders and rock formations I never figured anyone could climb. It’s thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

ANGI’s GOTTA ASK:  Where is your favorite writing space & why?
LYNDA’S GOTTA ANSWER:  My office because everything I need is within reach, and when I’ve been working, lost in a story for too long, my husband sneaks into the room and puts a cocktail or beer beside my mouse, reminding me of the time. Otherwise, I’d probably sit here 24-7.
Book 1

a middle-grade children’s chapter book.
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Bloodline Series,  Book #4
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Bloodline Series,  Book #1
Read a little, Buy the book

LYNDA is giving away a signed copy of Bloodlines & Lies; a print signed copy of Freckle Face & Blondie, an eBook copy of Bloodlines & Lies, an eBook copy of Freckle Face & Blondie.
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LYNDA WANTS TO KNOWWe love a hero who is perfect, but let’s face it—no one is. What is a good weakness for a hero in a book to have?