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Welcome to Chandler County

Hi GLIAS family! I’m so excited to hijack the blog today for a little shameless promotion of a brand new (for me) story world and soon-to-be-released book!

Last June I was lucky enough to attend a wonderful book signing event called Wild Deadwood Reads totally geared toward readers connecting with authors. (For information on this year’s event click HERE.) But I was also blessed to meet and get involved with a wonderful pair of authors who have created an exciting world called Chandler County, Kentucky. This past spring, six Chandler County books were released. Starting on October 26th, eight new stories will be released, once a week through December.

I’m so excited that my book, “Missing By a Heartbeat” will be among them, and be released on November 16th.
This is not a boxed set of books, it is available at all online retailers, not just Amazon, and it isn't a series that must be read in order. All CC books are stand alone novels. But they are set in the same wonderful place and share some of the same smart, sexy, sweet, rowdy, funny, beautiful characters. And there’s a heat level for everyone whether you love sweet inspy stories, hot sexy stories or something in between!

Chandler County lies in 311 square miles between Lexington and Lousiville, Kentucky and consists of two main towns: Chandlerville (named for the founder Lyle Chandler) and Bourbonville (named for the prohibition-era government-led destruction of hundreds of private stills that flooded the town with bourbon and bourbon scent for weeks). Both towns thrive on business brought in by the Kentucky Derby every spring, but there are also many businesses that make up a successful economy.

In Chandler County you’ll find small town closeness and folks who’ve grown up in the area as well as lots of heroes and heroines who are new to the towns and the love they find there. Horses, horsemen and women, and thoroughbreds abound. In my book, you’ll meet a local veterinarian and a new-to-Churchill Downs trainer and plenty of scandal to give them trouble as well as push them together.

There truly is something and somebody for everyone!

Along with “Missing By a Heartbeat” here are the other seven books that will be released this fall:
“Missing Alaska” by Cherime Macfarlane
“Missing Desire” by PJ Fiala
“Missing Out” by Trish Edmisten
“Missing My Heart” by Tina Susedik
“Missing the Gate” by Aubree Lane
“Missing Us” by Traci Wooden-Carlisle
“Missing Home” by Stephany Tullis

In addition to the excitement of new releases, there is a Facebook Fan Page that’s full of fun little facts about each of the books: favorite recipes, favorite getaways, teasers, questions for readers, and giveaways. I’d love for everyone to hop on over and like the page so you can keep up with all the pre-release fun. 

Here’s a mini synopsis of my book, which will be available for pre-order this coming weekend!

Dr. Victoria “Tori” Sterling has only been practicing equine veterinary medicine for seven years, but she already knows her way around race horse injuries better than most vets with twice her experience. Innovative and honest to a fault, in a world where tradition and rule-bending are standard practices, Tori has fought to earn her good reputation. She’s also learned the hard way that an eccentric, animal-focused lifestyle is too much for any man to understand much less share. Since every spare minute is spent on her career and her farm filled with rescue animals—she has no time for love relationships.
As a newcomer to Chandlerville, thoroughbred trainer Winn Crosby has escaped a troubled past and made it to his dream destination: Kentucky and the venerable Churchill Downs. With a dozen horses in his stable and a gift for getting the best from them, he wants only to keep his business out of trouble and reach his ultimate goal of training a big stakes horse. It’s not an easy task, however, when every one of his teenage grooms, as well as his assistant trainer, has a record. But Winn was once a troubled teen, and along with his love of horses, he loves “his kids” and will do anything to help them succeed as he has.
It doesn’t take him long to decide Tori Sterling is someone who can help him with his goals. In addition to being straight-talking and scrupulously honest, she’s funny, smart, and attractive, and she makes him feel the same way—something rare for a man who’s had to fight for respect his whole life. Despite her support and his best efforts, however, it doesn’t take trouble long to find him. When a Derby-bound colt is targeted by a saboteur, Winn and his stable of misfits are prime suspects. Then a series of mysterious and illegal happenings behind the scenes at Churchill Downs keep him in the crosshairs and force him into a partnership with Tori that’s part detective team and all crazy attraction.
Because even though Tori stopped looking for love long ago, Winn gets through her defenses like nobody ever has. In him she sees a true horseman, a kind soul, and a man who shares her passion for all things lost. Tori’s love of animals and kids makes her a perfect role model for the teens in Winn’s employ. And her farm is a haven for Winn, who has never fully left his lost and lonely childhood in Chicago behind.
Together they struggle to find out who is doping horses with a secret stimulant that seems to magically make winners out of losers, who is sabotaging equipment and causing barn-wide panic, and who apparently wants Tori and Winn out of the horseracing business altogether. And they have to do it before both of them lose their careers—and their chance at love.

Have you ever been to Kentucky? Have you ever been to a racetrack? Tell me your best horse racing or never-been-to-a-horse-race story! I have a choice of any of my back list e-books for a commenter today. Please leave your email address with your comment!

And watch for more posts about the individual Chandler County books as we get to their release dates! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Winter Daniels Double Goodness

It's always a lovely day when friends visit GLIAS ~ ~ ~ Wynter is no exception!  She has TWO great reads to share.

Bestselling author Wynter Daniels writes spicy contemporary, paranormal and romantic suspense stories for Entangled Publishing, Carina Press, and Loose Id. She lives in sunny Florida with her family and one very spoiled cat. 

| Amazon|  Contact |  Website  |  Facebook  |   Twitter  @WynterDaniels
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Niki Hamilton had her hopes pinned on moving to Europe with her boyfriend. But then he dumped her. By text message. Just before her sister’s wedding. Left dateless in a flamingo-pink monstrosity of a bridesmaid dress, she decides to drown her sorrows in a glass of tall, dark, and handsome.

Firefighter Grant Powers has been burned by love, but when his best friend’s new sister-in-law falls into his arms—and stays there for one sexy night—he enjoys the experience a little too much.

Then a rental snafu leaves Niki temporarily homeless. So, gentleman and masochist that he is, Grant offers his spare bedroom. Despite the smoldering sexual tension between them, starting anything would be playing with fire.

Now, they just have to survive living together for a few weeks…


in the NOCTURN FALLS Kindle World Sept 26th

Psychic Mallory Vaughn loves her neat, organized life as a manicurist at Nocturne Falls’ busiest salon. Things are going great until Jordan—her train wreck of a twin—lands on Mallory’s doorstep with a suitcase full of trouble.

Cyrus Barker is a genie who belongs to a small-town sheriff and the man’s entrepreneur wife. When Jordan wins an unwinnable jackpot from the wife, the couple dispatches Cyrus to get the money and bring Jordan back. He follows her to the strangest town he’s ever seen. To make matters worse, he loses Jordan, but finds her twin, Mallory—and is immediately entranced by her.

The last thing Mallory wants is to be part of her sister’s chaos, but if she doesn’t divert the sexy genie’s attention, Jordan will stay long enough to unravel Mallory’s entire world. When Jordan disappears, Mallory’s compelled to join forces with her sister’s arch enemy in order to save her. As long as she can avoid falling for Cyrus, it’ll all work out.

But love has other plans…

ANGI: What’s your favorite thing about your heroes in these books?
WYNTER: I adore Grant, my fireman hero in The Best Man’s Proposal. He’s a cat lover, and a fan of old black and white movies. And did I mention that he’s a fireman?

Cyrus, from The Genie’s Double Trouble is a genie. He uses his magic to turn a dumpy motel room into a luxurious suite, and conjures up whatever he needs to get the job done. How cool would that be?

ANGI: Favorite date night…fancy or at home?
WYNTER: Most definitely a restaurant – a fancy one. I want to dress up to the nines and be wined and dined!
ANGI: What’s your favorite cartoon character?
WYNTER: I kind of love The Brain from Pinky and the Brain. He’s such a dastardly little guy.

ANGI: High Heels or Hiking Boots?
WYNTER: For this Florida girl, it’s sandals all the way.

ANGI: What’s your favorite thing about the Nocturne Falls Universe?
WYNTER: The town of Nocturne Falls is so much fun to be in, even if I’m only writing about it. The characters that Kristen Painter created, and the whole essence of the place is a joy. I want to live there!

ANGI: Got a favorite song? What makes it special?
WYNTER:  I’m a romantic at heart. My favorite song will always be “When a Man Loves a Women,” which my husband chose for our first dance at our wedding. He’s actually more romantic than I am!

ANGI: Salad or soup?
WYNTER: Definitely salad. I’m kind of famous for my yummy salads, which include some kind of nuts, a bunch of veggies, maybe some dried fruit and a little cheese. And I’m loving gourmet black cherry balsamic vinegar on it these days. You’ve got to try some. Amazing!

ANGI: Champagne or Soda?
WYNTER: Need you ask? Sweet champagne, like Asti. I never drink soda. Only water or wine, LOL!

ANGI: The most daring thing you’ve ever done… Care to share?
WYNTER:  I transferred from a college in upstate New York to the University of Florida, took an apartment through the mail, and arrived a few days before classes started, having never been to the school or the town before. What can I say? I was nineteen years old!
ANGI’s GOTTA ASK:  What’s your favorite pair of shoes & why? 

WYNTER’S GOTTA ANSWER:   Most of the time I wear either Birkenstocks (the cuter, brightly colored ones), or sneakers (only to the gym). But my faves are these strappy kitten-heel sandals. They are actually comfortable, sexy and fun. And they go with everything in my closet! 



READ a little . . . BUY the book

A Jewel Box Anthology

3 book Box Set

I have a short story in the Nocturne Falls Christmas Anthology coming out in November. I’m not yet allowed to share the cover, but my story is titled, The Mistletoe Mishap

Then the next Hamilton Sisters Romantic Comedy, titled Winning Mr. Right

After that, my next release will be with the Jewel Box Authors – Charmed by a Sapphire

That’s coming in 2018, along with several more Nocturne Falls Universe books.  Stay tuned!

WYNTER WANTS TO KNOW:    If you were a genie, who would be your ideal master?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Get Lost In Something Like Family by Bestselling Author Heather Burch

Give a big welcome to a new guest on Get Lost In A Story, HEATHER BURCH, a #1 Bestselling Author of Contemporary Fiction. 

Her books have been translated in over a dozen languages. She writes emotional stories that explore family, love, hope and the challenges of life. Heather lives to tell unforgettable stories of love and loss—stories that make your heart sigh.

Today, Heather is sharing her latest release, SOMETHING LIKE FAMILY. 

Here's a blurb and excerpt. Don't forget to sign up below for our drawing for 2 FREE copies.

Abandoned by his mother when he was young, twenty-two-year-old Rave Wayne knows all about loss. That doesn’t mean he’s used to it. After he’s dumped by the girlfriend he assumed he’d spend his life with, Rave is longing more than ever to connect.

Then, as if by miracle, he receives an invitation from his grandfather, a man he thought was long gone, to come for a visit in rural Tennessee. Loyal, honest, and loving, dear old Tuck is everything Rave could have hoped for. He’s family. Soon, Rave finds himself falling for a down-to-earth local girl, and he thinks his life is finally coming together.

But the past isn’t through with Rave. When his mother returns after many long years, looking to reconcile the terrible mistakes that once defined her, Rave struggles to put together the unsettled pieces of his heart. Will this once-estranged family be able to come together to understand the meaning of unconditional love, the fragile bonds of family, and the healing power of letting go?

Excerpt: Main characters, Rave and Becca (in a budding relationship) are going on a date. Rave's grandfather Tuck has gotten bad news from his doctor, and the elderly widow who lives down the street has arrived to keep Tuck company after he insisted the young people go on their date as planned. 

           Rave and Becca stepped outside onto the front porch. It was a perfect June evening with a soft breeze whispering through the quivering leaves of the trees. Inside, they could still hear the trash talk passing between Tuck and Trini about who was the best poker player.
            Becca stopped at the top of the steps.
            Rave turned to see why. “What’s wrong?”
            “Rave, let’s invite them to come along.” Her hip was cocked, her hand on the banister, her forehead puckered in a concerned frown.
            He cast a glance to the door. Had Becca seen something he’d missed? Trini and Tuck seemed happy to stay behind. “Why?”
            She tilted her head back and the rays of the early evening sun kissed the highlights on her face. “I don’t … know.” Becca toyed with the edges of her sundress.
            Rave stepped up the stairs to her. “What’s wrong, Becca?”
            She looked at the front door. “It’s just that, well, Trini likes Tuck.” 
            Becca rolled her eyes. “No, you’re not getting it. She likes Tuck.”
Oh. Oh! Rave might be slow, but he wasn’t blind. Of course, Trini liked Tuck.
Becca chewed her cheek. “She has for a long time. And now, now I think she feels like time’s running out.”
Rave pressed a hand to his stomach. “I feel the same. But they looked pretty happy to stay right there.” Besides, there were things he had to discuss with Becca. Maybe this was her way of putting off the inevitable.
She sighed. “I remember losing my grandpa. He had an opportunity to come to the lake with us just a few days before he died. No one knew anything was wrong, but he stayed home. And I remember looking through all the pictures my mom took that day and wishing we had pictures of him. Wishing he’d gone with us.”
“I don’t think we have a camera here, Becca. Unless you brought one.”
She shook her head. “We don’t need one. Memories are pictures. They’re stored in the part of your mind where happiness lives.”
That was something Rave understood. “Tomorrow, I buy a camera. Or a cell phone with a good camera in it. Tonight, we’ll take memory pictures.”


E.E.: How often to you get lost in a story? 
HEATHER: There are two answers to that question.  When I'm reading, several times a week. Ok, maybe even several times a day. When I'm writing, I get lost too. In fact, it's one of the ways I know I'm on track with a story. If I get lost in it, so will my readers. 

E.E.: What turns you off like nothing else?
HEATHER: Rudeness. I just don't feel that there is any excuse for one human to be rude to another. It makes my heart ache when I see people caring so little for others.

E.E.: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you’ve met?
HEATHER: Wayne Kidd. (He was the inspiration for my character, Tuck Wayne.) Mr. Kidd is a decorated veteran and I had the privilege of getting a private tour of the John's Creek Veterans Memorial from him. This book is dedicated to the men and women from the John's Creek Veterans Memorial, all of whom have served our nation.

E.E.: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?
HEATHER: Oh, definitely both! An action adventure with a warrior princess at the helm!

E.E.: Where do you read and how often?
HEATHER: My favorite reading nook is outside on our screened-in lanai. Here in Florida, you must have a screened-in area or the mosquitos will carry you off.  

E.E.: What was the first story you remember writing?
HEATHER: I was six and I wrote a story about my grandpa tossing a piece of tobacco in the air and a seagull snatching it. The bird landed on the ground and remained still for several seconds. Grandpa thought he'd killed it. But it got up and flew off--if a little wobbly. My mom sent the story to our local newspaper (very small town) and they published it. 

E.E.: Is there a “Blooper” in your story (it may have been changed before printing)?
HEATHER: I can't think of one in this one, but in my last book, IN THE LIGHT OF THE GARDEN, there was a spot where I had her lifting the edge of her tablecloth to her mouth. HER TABLECLOTH. Not her napkin. Can you imagine the hero and heroine are sitting at a romantic dinner and she LIFTS THE TABLECLOTH to her mouth! I laughed out loud when I caught it. It had already gone through a couple of rounds of editing. After a good laugh, I changed it to napkin. 

E.E.: Is writing or storytelling easier for you?
HEATHER: Hmm. I love this question. It's causing me to reflect. I think storytelling. When I was young, all of my friends wanted to have sleepovers at my house. We didn't have the nicest house, or the biggest, but my mom would turn off all the lights, light one candle and tell us ghost stories until we couldn't breathe! She had such an incredible and vivid imagination. I remember sitting there and thinking about how entranced my friends were. I wanted to grow up to make people feel so much with just words. I'm a little choked up right now. Thank you, Get Lost In A Story, for that beautiful memory.

E.E.: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?
HEATHER: That they make me cry. Happy tears. Always happy tears because they are always so open with sharing how my story effected them. I feel very honored by their words. 

E.E.: What’s the first thing you do when you finish writing a book?
HEATHER: Take my husband out to dinner where we can sit outside and watch the sunset over the water. One of my favorite spots overlooks a marina where small sharks will come to feed while we're eating. Am I completely bonkers when I say, that is calming?  

The Question for the Readers: You can probably tell by my many family references in the questions that family is very important to me. What elements about family do you most love to see in the books you read? 

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